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I'm watching Avatar for the first time, and it dawns on me that Is this a spoiler to anyone anymore? )
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As a follow up to the last Legendary Women post, if you have no fanwork skills to speak of, or no time, you can offer things to sell that you don't need, such as posters, tie-in novels, comics, and memorabilia. They can be signed or unsigned!

Sign-ups Here!
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Legendary Women, Inc. is trying to raise money in order to establish its website. The money raised will be used to help support a charity dedicated to promoting the positive representation of women in the media and to philanthropies that help to empower women in their daily lives. We are currently going to try fundraising for our site with a multiple fandom auction. If you are an artist, vidder, writer, picspammer, etc. who is interested in helping this charity out, please consider signing up to donate your services, starting on MONDAY, September 6, 2010 .

Sign-ups for artists or for people simply interested in donating fannish items will last from Sept 6, 2010 - September 13, 2010.

Auction will go from September 14-20, 2010


If you win, you will be contacted with the the appropriate payment information. If you are providing merchandise, art, or fic, you will be contacted about who won your services ONLY after payment from that individual is received. Completion of the exchange is then between the provider and bidder.


The Legendary Women Inc. Team

Sign-Up Post Here
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LJ, after a week of silence, caved to the minor demand that they at least make it so that screened comments and flocked posts can't be crossposted elsewhere against the will of the OP. It's not the opt-out that many of us would have liked, but you can bet that they only made this concession because their staff argued for us. Note that this change may take two weeks to put into practice, so if you have genuine concern, just keep an eye on what you post.

Some people had enough with Strikethrough, and some people finally had enough with this. For those of you who are afeared that your friends list is going to leave you… well, some of them have, and some of them may. I've not completely left because I have communities here, and it will take some time (which obviously, I don't have a bunch of) to build communities over there. Also, crossposting is so damn easy, even my lazy ass can manage it. If your favorite authors have flown the coop, though, there's no need to start flinging poo at people for their choices to leave or bemoaning the trite old complaint that 'all the good authors have left fandom!' (And this all the other authors in fandom cry into their pillows at night because they're busting their asses to put out fic, just to not be considered a good author.)

You can find them. You can find all of your friends on Dreamwidth with this handy tool. Provided, of course, that they haven't changed their name. If you have changed your name and would like your followers, it might be a grand old idea to let people know.

Furthermore, if a friend is leaving for good, and you have a 'just in case' account at Dreamwidth, you don't even have to move your ass an inch to still find their entries. The track user tool has long been in existence on LJ and I've used it in the past to keep track of posting on communities ([profile] lex_minions) or posting from my bff so I don't miss things when I have my head down in academia, only checking email.

All you have to do is go to the user's profile page. In the same module as the icons, where you friend/follow someone, send PMs, or on LJ V-gifts, there is a little icon that says "Track" for LJ or "Track Account" for DW. There's a little thumbtack on LJ and a little bell for DW. It will send an email notification for you every time that user updates their journal. So, if you are enamoured of an author who will be 'leaving" LJ fandom, you can track them and just comment with your backup account/open-id, or what have you.

One last comment:* If you really want to keep the fandom that you've been enjoying going, it would be a swell idea to keep commenting whenever you can, and rec whenever you really enjoyed something. An item being over at Dreamwidth is hardly a hurdle, since you have to copy the url of the fic, no matter where it comes from, and I've not seen much reccing in general anywhere lately, no matter where the fic/art is posted. However, if authors get the feeling that they are no longer being read (or worse, people don't like what they're doing!), they will slowly move on to other fandoms, and they really will have left you for greener, and more appreciative pastures.

*This is not a passive aggressive message to my lovely readers from my faction of SV fandom (ya'll are the best!), but er… actively aggressive commentary for fandom as a whole.


Sep. 6th, 2010 11:23 am
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Glee spoilers ahead )
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Communities that you may or may not know about and love. Feel free to squee about a comm that I've posted that you like, or add to the list, so I know where else to go. Don't feel free to snark about my commitment to sparkle motion Dreamwidth.

DW comms that I have created:

[community profile] clex Not done much on it yet. Need additional mods!
[community profile] clexmas At this point, I'll be synching it up with what we do at LJ and see where it goes.
[community profile] mpreg Well. Obviously.

I can start a Brex comm, as well, and I was wondering how much Chloe fen were interested in having something over there. I think, though, that I'm might want to do a Birds of Prey comm… in hopes that people will come and be fannish with me.

Comms that I follow )

This is the most productive thing I've done today, unless you count redoing my layout in the wee hours of the morning. Off to clean/work.

Dear Author

Jul. 8th, 2010 08:58 pm
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Dear Femslash10 Author,

Read more... )
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Fandom, it has often been noted, doesn’t appreciate women enough. Women characters, women writers, actresses, directors... In many cases, it feels like you can wander around fandom and only hear about women through the endless barrage of complaints against uppity female characters and the comments about each other’s bodies.

Rather than belaboring the point or trying to blame another faction of fandom as being ‘worse’ than one’s own-- Show your pride. Show your love. Show us the women you love and the women who have changed your life. Who spins your world right round, baby? Whose writing has changed your life?

The point isn’t to show how much better you are than others, or to make other fans feel bad. There are sharp fans doing good meta that will lead us onto wiser paths. The point of this meme is to spread positivity towards women in fandom, to squee with other fans over your favorite characters, actresses, authors, and musicians, and to look at other people’s lists for new sources of enjoyment.

Answer the following to the best of your memory, with as much detail as you want to, including women from every walk of life that you can think of. If you need to add another category, do so. And yes, transfolk count.

Read more... )

If you have love to share, copy the description and questions and post to your own journal.
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Longtime fan [personal profile] perclexed is in dire need of urgent funding. Every little bit helps!

Details and how to help inside!

If you can't give, a signal boost would help too.
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Voice of Whedon

Techno-Whedon remix of the self-insert characters that exhibit his weird humor: Wash, Xander, and Topher.

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My friend Digitalwave is having another sale of various fannish items, comics, VHS tapes, cds, etc.

Check it out.


May. 28th, 2010 12:28 am
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Writing about Polyamory in Fandom

This is a really helpful, positive, authentic post from the perspective of a poly fan on poly representation wrt fandom. Admittedly, I've avoided writing threesomes because I feel like there's something off and unrealistic about them, and even if this is all a fantasy, I'd rather not be cluelessly offensive. So this article is helpful to me.

We all need a Burt Hummel in our lives.

And we do.


May. 24th, 2010 12:07 am
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Could someone direct me to info on how to make a fanmix? I know how to choose songs, obviously, but how to put them together so they'll pop up with art in iTunes. Or do you personally hate it when people re-tag and re-art fanmixes?


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