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There's a minor blow-up going on in the Fem-o-sphere today. It all started when Jezabel made the moderate claim that the BMI is bullshit. And it is, actually-- Multiple scientists and authors have pointed out its flaws, commented on how they changed who is considered obese in the 90s without much reason, and shown how the media, doctors, and common people, toss around these medical terms as though they are an unquestionably opaque measurement of who is healthy and who is not.1 But frankly, it's not even a great measurement of who is FAT, let alone evidence unto itself that ALL fats are unhealthy and ALL skinnies or inbetweenies are so, so great. I brought it into one of the classes I was teaching, and this skinny but muscular athlete determined that he was obese, according to this miracle scale.

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1. Some books:
Paul Campos in The Obesity Myth
Lessons from the Fat-o-Sphere by Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby
Fat!So? by Marilyn Wann
Rethinking Thin by Gina Kolata
Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon
Hungry by Chrystal Renn
The Fat Studies Reader, edited by Sondra Solovay and Esther Rothbloom

2. Short list of bloggers who touch on fat/body politics: Fatshionista, The Rotund, Shapely Prose, Queer Fat Femme, Junk Food Science, Racialicious, The Fat Nutritionist, This Ain't Livin', and of course, Feminists with Disabilities.
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Title: Ten "Subtle" Ways to Tell Him He's Getting Fat 1/3
Rating: PG-13 with mature content
Warnings: Discussion of weight issues, therapy, and mental disorders
Summary: Clark notices that Lex has gained weight, and through the help of a savvy internet article, tries to subtly tell Lex that he needs to shed a few pounds. Things are always more complicated, however, as both of them are keeping secrets.
Author’s Notes: This was written for the Clexmas "Love Imperfect" Spring Fling 2010.
The glorious article is HERE.
I suppose I should alert readers that there's some BDA!Clark (although he has his reasons!!), and Oliver has some of his S8ish characterization.

FAT ban

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Two Whole Cakes Fatcast

I was seriously about to just load the old episodes up and listen to them while I cleaned my bathroom, but I am filled with glee that a new one popped up on iTunes. This is a podcast about body politics, plus sized women finding clothes, class issues inherent in that, flying while fat, goth culture and its size acceptance, and all kinds of wonderful things. Even better, Leslie and Marianne (of Fatshionista and The Rotund) are genuinely smart and funny, and I enjoy listening to them whether on a plane or pounding the pavement during walk time. It's like getting in on the conversation without having to bother to sit down and read, or buy a book (because the podcasts are free on iTunes).

I highly recommend. Actually, I hope some of the diverse Fatosphere bloggers join suit and do their own blogs, so we can have many big fat voices out there, talking about all the stuff that matters to them.
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You're the _______ to my _______.

In other news, yesterday I walked for an hour while listening to the Fatcast. Exercising while listening to podcasts about size acceptance feels both appropriate (on a literal level) and subversive (to the dominate image of what fatties do). I'm also going out today to see if I can't find a Hello Kitty notepad to write my medical symptoms in, so that I have them all down when I go for my next doctor's appointment.


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