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Last night I had a How I Met Your Mother dream. Which is odd, because I don't watch it that much, and then, only in the background to whatever work I'm doing.


Robin was doing some kind of work for a god wherein she had to follow Barney around and collect information on all his misdeeds. What she found out though, was that 'benefits' for this job are basically that the god will grant your wishes, so she had to be careful about what she said. Eventually, she misspoke, and it ended up with Barney and Ted hooking up and becoming a couple (complete with full-on dream kissage). They were an open couple at first so the guys could hook up with women, but later on wanted to close the ranks and have a kid, so they asked Robin if she wanted to make their twosome a threesome. While she was pregnant, she idly wished that the guys could go through it instead of her, and I guess she had a wish leftover, because the guys had to have the boy and girl instead.

And THAT'S how Ted "Met Your Mother."

I don't think Robin ever told Barney that she made him gay.


I'm having soup. I was invited somewhere, but my stomach is still being ornery. So, soup. Yume got some treats and was very happy, and I put some catnip down on their scratchmat, and it made them both gleeful and insane for a bit. Miss Kitty is just enjoying having me home, and still (since I'm mostly reading in prep for writing), and sucking up all the love she can.

I did make a good fruit salad, too. I wish I could just transport that over to where I'm supposed to be so they could enjoy it. Pears, peaches, grapes, raspberries, and blueberries. The soup shall consist of vegan broth and sai fun noodles.


I could post my homework list, but in short, nothing is actually finished. I've been pecking away at the following fics:

Must Be Dreaming-- I'm bummed that I don't have the update for today, but it'll happen after I get grad apps in. There's a Thanksgiving scene.
The Secret Life of the Kryptonian Teenager-- Not sure how many more chapters I have to go, but we're reaching the first climax. This will be completed before I begin posting, though, because I'm tired of long, sprawling WiPs that make me feel guilty for not finishing. (Chlark with some intense Clex friendship)
Great Eggspectations-- This is Brex and it is very nearly done. It's… super cracky. In that delightful way where I feign srsness while cracking it up.

I also pounded out a draft of my [community profile] clexmas gift last night, which really takes a lot of pressure on me. It means that when I go on vacay, I just need to edit the sucker. Whoot.

(Do people say whoot anymore?)
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I was thinking that all places that have regular french fries should be required by law to also have sweet potato fries, because sweet potato fries have so much more nutritional value. They could also offer fried vegetables at places where they have fried cheese. Because if you're going to have something full of fat, couldn't you have something that's full of fat and delicious, but also green? I bet a kid would even eat a brussels sprout, if it was fried. I remember getting tempura vegetables, once, and who cared what was under there? They were all delicious. They could also offer their milkshakes with blueberries in them, because that's the easiest way to force yourself to eat blueberries, even if you don't like them, and those things are so good for you that it's obscene.


But they don't, because it's cheaper for them to mass sell food that is empty nutritionally, so you'll buy more food more often and think that you're saving money from 'value' menus.

(Also I went to the grocery store today. I am making something with a vegetable in it. :D)

Bread Rage

Jun. 20th, 2010 08:30 pm
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I have one more mpreg fic for Mpreg Day, if I can get it finished. I was supposed to be working on it, but I got sick this afternoon and took a pill, and that made me conk out. So.

I'm going to rant about bread instead.

I have bread rage. It's not that I have a problem with bread inherently, although the moment it becomes soggy, I have Texture Issues. During my late twenties I've been trying to make the switch to wheat/whole grain breads because of the additional fiber and let's face it, protein to be had in whole grains. That and a lower amount of sugar pumped into it.

(Oddly, Pringles now has a 'whole grain' chip, that… just looks like it has whole grains on it. It's still made with regular flour. Beware.)

(Also, practically everything in the deli has high fructose corn syrup in it. Even potato salad. Even deviled eggs.)

Moving on. So I tried a lot of different brands, and I couldn't get into any of them. It was hard. Eventually I got into eating wheat bread, but it wasn't a great match and I kept letting it go bad.

Well, lo, lactose intolerance came, and with it came a desire to eliminate dairy from wherever I possibly could. Through looking at the backs of various breads, I found Sara Lee Hearty and Delicious Oat. They had other varieties, but there was no milk or milk fat in the oat, or butter, surprisingly. I gave it a try, and it was delicious. It was good for a sandwich or just for toast for breakfast. (I got a toaster for this very reason.)

But I haven't been able to find it in stores since the beginning of the summer, and I am beginning to lose hope. Now I'm looking at ingredient listings again and they all frustratingly have dairy in them (or aren't actually whole grain). I even poked at some of the expensive breads at the specialty healthfood store, and many of those had dairy in them, even if they were made with rice flour or something. I'm going to have to go on an extended hunt, and that makes me grumpy. Because I had the perfect bread, but it is now gone. :(

I love French and Italian bread, of course, but that's only for special occasions or when I have Squicky Tummy.

Woe is I.

What's your favorite bread?


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