Oct. 22nd, 2010 10:28 pm
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I've been whining a lot lately… and that is what it is. But I was reading over a lot of the entries in my RL tag, and I just have to say…

I'm so glad my hair isn't falling out anymore, and my hip/joint pain resolved (perhaps temporarily) over the summer after getting stabilized on pillz that don't kill my ability to digest food. There are issues, of course, and I'd love to have more energy lately, but sheez. Thank Zod for not having my hips/knee/ankle throbbing even when I'm just laying there. Well, and that I don't have unending pelvic pain, as well... which is what the pillz were supposed to help with.

So hurry a for that. And Cheeks.

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This was forwarded to me from a friend.

Stop the Suicides: Help End Anti-LGBT Bullying!: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/875/847/271/

This is a petition to ask ask Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to include gender identity and sexual orientation in anti-bullying programs. Ask me how happy I am that they thought to mention gender identity.

Here's the address to send a snailmail letter:

Arne Duncan
Secretary of Education
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20202
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The following is my tentative response to the recent internet flurry. If you have other links or anything you think I should add, let me know.

You have no doubt seen the news. You’ve seen the call go out around your flists and on Facebook. You’ve watched Lady GaGa get as down and dirty serious as you’ve ever seen her over this Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, aka government sanctioned homophobia, Ellen’s message on bullying, and the It Gets Better project, as well as blogposts on the bullying that queers get. And hopefully you’ve reposted and retweeted your hearts out, because someone has to hear this. This October, some people live in areas where they will be celebrating Gay and Lesbian history month. On the 20th, some are going to wear purple in honor of the six, SIX, recent deaths of teenage boys who have committed suicide, all within the past month.

This is a problem. This is a huge problem, and I know that wearing purple and retweeting is a start, but it’s not the only thing any of us can do.

I’m urging everyone this month to get out there and contact your local LGBTQA organizations. See what they’re planning. See what you can shake up. See if you can’t draft a resolution for the city council to protect queer and trans students from being bullied to death. If you can’t do that, see if you can’t get a memorial sit-in organized for all those who have killed themselves or been killed by the same fear and hate that caused these more recent tragedies. If you can’t do that, maybe somewhere local or on campus you could hook up YouTube and play the It Gets Better Project. Stand in front of the building the campus preachers usually yell at sinners from and blast Adam Lambert and Lady GaGa and Rent, among others. Throw a Gender Bender for Halloween and practice safety in numbers while celebrating being alive and the rights for individuals to live in their own damn bodies and express who they are in the way that is best for THEM in their minds and souls, and not the way that makes someone else more comfortable. Create a space in your small business for young people to gather and draw strength from one another. Turn around to those homophobes who are behind you in line and tell them to get their privileged heads out of their asses or shut the hell up.

If nothing else, if we have no local resources, or no time or energy to do other things, as it sadly happens at times, if it is not safe where you are to act up, we can do our best at what we do best. Write. Vlog. Podcast. Create. COMPLAIN.

At some point we have to decide that it is enough. We have to decide to get the momentum going, and start shoving over the first stumbling blocks that keep us from moving forward to protect the most vulnerable among us.
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When I have to look at number and read them out loud, I see the sequence, and then when I open my mouth, they come out in the wrong order. Like, my order for dinner was number 846, but when I said it to myself out loud? I read 864. When I worked at Kroger, I would do this all the time with people's totals.

"Your total is $38.36- I mean, $83.36!"

I sometimes wonder if that's why I was always pwned by math class. But I also know it was because I daydreamed a lot, and it was so boring and not fun. Just a stream of information blah blah integer blah blah empty set blah blah imaginary number. Then I would have to do the problem and it was like looking at an alien language.

When I was in elementary school, this was kind of a problem, because I wouldn't finish the problems I was supposed to do during class. My parents would get me to do them at home along with my other homework, and I guess they had an arrangement with the teacher to let me do this because my parents knew better how to keep me out of La La Land. I remember one day when I started going to city schools, coming to the car waiting for me and excitedly telling my dad that I finished all my work in class. I don't know if the work was easier or better explained, or if there were just fewer practice problems in school and more homework.

I'm glad I majored in English and we have calculators. Although, when I have to put a string of data into a calculator, sometimes I screw that up too in the aforementioned way or some other way, so I'm glad we have online banking. :P


Sep. 26th, 2010 10:37 am
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I've spent most of the weekend sleeping, since I've found a cocktail to help control my allergies, but it does me the favor in return of dehydrating me and knocking me out. Right now I want to go back to bed and nap, but I know that it would be better if I headed into the office to figure out what I need to do for the class visits I'm scheduled for tomorrow. Four of them. Oi!

I could take a leeettle nap, but I suspect that would turn into a "omg, it's 4pm already!" thing, since that's what I've been doing while on this stuff. I keep wondering how much a person can really sleep (at least when I'm not depressed, that is). It was a little chilly out this morning, though, so I'm hoping that the weather will turn and I can stop taking these drugs that put me into a coma.

Posted a new chapter of one WiP and have a decent start on the next. One might hope for the fic to be done soonish, so I can start in on the sequel. :P


Jul. 6th, 2010 05:30 pm
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So, apparently the UPS guy only comes in the evening when I have a roommate who could have picked something up during the day. So on Friday, after having UPS fuck around with my packages twice, I put notice on their website that I would come pick it up.

Thus, today after work, assuming that seventy-two hours was long enough for their fucking computers to update that I was coming, I drove into the city to pick up my three packages, which have been beaten here by three snail post packages from delightful independent sellers sending their stuff via Amazon.

This was one of the few times, the very few, in which I managed to get where I was going without too much of a fuss. The directions had a right for a left on them, but that was after getting off the highway, and I made it without too much frustration. When I finally get to the UPS store, and the guy tells me that my packages are OUT ON THE TRUCK. I can only imagine that my face was almost humorous in its dismay. No, dearie, you just drove 45 minutes without air conditioning to our tucked away little store and now you have to go home empty handed.

He told me to call the driver and tell him to leave the packages at my doorstep… which I'm not going to do. I live in an apartment complex, and it's not a Kindle or anything, but I don't know my neighbors. So I went him, disheartened and vowing never to use UPS unless I absolutely have to, since I'm not about to PAY them to send my packages somewhere else.

And then I got turned around and headed the wrong way on my way home.


Mwa ha ha

Jun. 4th, 2010 12:35 am
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I have successfully infected my roommate with Lady GaGa.

For my next trick, I'll make her go get popcorn.
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You're the _______ to my _______.

In other news, yesterday I walked for an hour while listening to the Fatcast. Exercising while listening to podcasts about size acceptance feels both appropriate (on a literal level) and subversive (to the dominate image of what fatties do). I'm also going out today to see if I can't find a Hello Kitty notepad to write my medical symptoms in, so that I have them all down when I go for my next doctor's appointment.


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