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Should I do a fanfiction homework list? Does anyone care anymore?

Idea stolen from others. To-Do Lists are helpful. The list is kind of small, since I've not been signing up for things, in hopes of getting RL writing done. I've pretty much given up on doing my h/c bingo. Like I need an excuse, right?

1. Update Ch 20 of Must Be Dreaming Sept 24th (I get credit for this even if no one is reading anymore)

2. Update and complete Must Be Dreaming in three chapters/epilogue

3. Update Supesfans vs LexMinions, Clex

4. Start posting Secret Life of the Kryptonian Teenager, Chlark (yes, that's the title)

5. Edit and start posting The Knight and the Angel, Brex

6. Draft out ending arch and update You Have Your Father's Eyes, Brex

7. Finish Cinder El (Clex) and post

It's hard to imagine Must Be Dreaming coming to an end, but I only have three more chapters plotted out, and the major story arch is over. I almost hate my brain for already having the sequel planned, since it's taken me years to write this, let's call it, epic mpreg novel. Then it'll probably take me more years to finish writing the sequel.


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