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Title: Downtime from Building the Future
Pair: Kadam
Includes: mpreg
Word count: 482
Summary: Kurt wouldn’t call his life unexpected. But mostly because that’s so overdone.

Unexpected was a cliché, and Kurt would not entertain the thought.

But when Kurt had met Adam in front of the sign-up board he certainly had not anticipated the year to come.

Adam’s face was a bit drawn, but no longer pale. (Thankfully.) On the contrary, his cheeks lit up with a rosy contentment. They had curled up together on the sofa in their sweats, Adam after work, and Kurt after a dance class rigorous enough to put a boy in traction. Adam must have still been cold, since he had also tugged on his favorite beanie, and snuggled into Kurt’s side wearily as the two of them just sacked out for a bit in front of the television.

Kurt had begun to wish Adam could work fewer hours, but if they wanted to keep their place and plan for the future, it was necessary, as was Santana as a continued roommate. (Though she’d improved since graduation, slowly. Kurt felt like his apartment was a halfway house for divas in transition, sometimes.) Kurt was grateful for this time together, for their intertwined fingers, their bodies sharing warmth, for Adam’s head turned slightly in Kurt’s direction as he sleepily stared at the television, so Kurt could just let his adoring gaze fall over the vulnerable, open expression of Adam’s face. Take in his kind, sterling eyes and high cheekbones, and wonder.

Kurt’s heart seemed to swell in his chest. They’d been scared. Of course, they had, but those thoughts were far from him. All he had was this moment. His thumb stroking Adam’s hand. His arm around Adam’s shoulders. And Adam, even more handsome to Kurt’s eye, somehow, as he sat here in regular green sweats. Sweats that were riding up a little around his freshly rounded belly.

Now that Adam was showing, Kurt couldn’t stop watching him. Maybe he never would. This had gone from impossibility, to a tiny bump at Adam’s middle, to the sweet swell pushing at Adam’s waistband. The one Kurt caught Adam examining (sometimes anxiously, sometimes with a little smile) in the mirror when he thought Kurt wasn’t looking.

Kurt had been slow to say it, this time. The word was too heavy with pain, fraught with baggage. Too over and misused and designed for manipulation and abuse.

“Kurt?” Adam’s eyes rested on him.

He smiled, a bit shyly. He knew he’d been under surveillance. His hand covered his belly. Kurt moved his hand over Adam’s, protective and reassuring.

“I honestly love you.” Kurt’s voice sounded raw and unsteady to his ears.

But a brilliant smile bloomed on Adam’s face, and Kurt leaned in to kiss him, to savor that plump lower lip he knew so well.

Just because their future was unanticipated didn’t make it any less wonderful.


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