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Title: So Easy to Love

Pair: Kadam

Summary: The Adam’s Apples are performing on a cruise liner when an explosion in the engines causes it to go down. Adam and Kurt escape on their own and try to survive until help can come.

AN: After “Boys (And Girls) On Film,” Kurt and Adam did NOT get together. So AU from there.

This got longer than I’d planned for short fic where Adam loses his shirt.


Part One


Kurt should have know when someone on the crew had referred to the liner as the “Ship of Dreams” they were doomed




He’d finagled the Apples’ contract himself. When they’d unanimously voted him leader of their group for the next year, he’d felt responsible for giving them some pride in themselves. Oh, they had pride in their work, of course. They put a lot of effort into making each number unique and pushing their limits, and they’d already begun work on helping Joey with his senior project for next year, something that would be hard for him since the superficials wouldn’t sign up to perform in a production by one of them. But Kurt could see that the superficials still got to them sometimes, and self-esteem was keenly important. Especially at a high pressure school like NYADA.


The Apples had fought for years to be allowed to perform in competitions, and never gotten the official clearance needed. Possibly because the school had a reputation to uphold, and losing wasn’t an option. That could have resulted in a large amount of support to make sure they didn’t lose, but it really resulted in the administration trying to pretend they weren’t even a registered organization at the academy.


So Kurt had looked to other options. If they couldn’t compete, they could perform. They could become an outlet for each others’ creative projects. They could amass credits on their C.V.s.


And this summer, they could perform five times a week on a cruise. There had been literal jumping up and down and some rolling around on the floor when Kurt had told them the news. Adam had been so speechless that Kurt could only smirk and bounce on his heels as he looked straight into Adam’s astonished blue eyes.


There was just... something about seeing Adam happy like that. Kurt really just... He wished he could make him that happy.


And anyway the week prior to this announcement had been such a blow for Adam. And that was not something Kurt ever wanted to see. Adam weathered disappointment well; he was as skilled as Kurt at putting on that happy face, but that didn’t mean he didn’t hear the cruel jibes aimed at him.


“Phenomenal, Mr. Hummel.” Carmen had said after Kurt had performed an original arrangement of Phantom’s “Think of Me” in the Round Room in front of her and what seemed like the whole of student population. “Simply phenomenal. I’m not certain anyone else could have performed that piece.”


“Hm. Julie Andrews, probably,” Kurt replied dryly. Though he knew she meant anyone else at the school.


The soft titters of laughter seemed cacophonous in the acoustics of room. It made Kurt’s heart race even now, to stand in front of a crowd laughing at him, even if he’d been the one to make the joke.


“Hm.” Carmen wrote a few notes on her pad, not dismissing him quite yet.


Apparently word had gotten out that Kurt would be performing today, and everyone wanted to see Carmen’s reaction to the most recent Midnight Madness winner. Kurt’s heart had fluttered in his chest sporadically like a wounded bird upon seeing the crowd, but he had ignored the keen eyes all around the room waiting for him to fail and just lost himself in the song. Parts of it were reminiscent of Brightman’s performance, but with the way he’d arranged it to show off both ends of his range, it might actually be true that no one else at the school could do the piece. If there were, he would have liked to meet and work with that person.


“I had wondered if you might neglect the gift you’ve been offered in studying here,” Carmen had said vaguely, “considering your interesting choices in company this semester.”


Kurt hadn’t let himself look at the little cluster of Apples sitting near the front, and especially not Adam. He could feel the wounded expression that would be on Adam’s face. The Dean of Vocal Performance and Song Interpretation was talking smack about them. The Dean.


“I don’t see why any artist would pass up an opportunity to hone his or her craft,” Kurt had replied flippantly. “I can sing weepy ballads, and silly pop songs, and do them very well, thank you, but I’m not here to rehearse the same songs I’ve always done or do a myna bird’s version of anyone else’s work.”


As Carmen had looked up, slowly, Kurt had caught Rachel’s horrified expression out of the corner of his eye. Apparently Carmen had a habit of expelling or putting students on probation in the Round Room. But Carmen was smiling. In that non-smiling smile she did, where the corners of her mouth barely moved. She was amused.


“Good. You may sit down, Mr. Hummel. Good luck to the next student who follows you...” She scanned down her list as Kurt hurried over to take his seat by Adam, who was breathing in and out with a deliberateness that told Kurt he needed to do something to cheer his friend. “Mr. Delacroix,” she said finally.


“You are amazing,” Adam had breathed into Kurt’s ear, and Kurt knew that he didn’t just mean the performance.


So securing this job for them, a job that paid, a job that had a few of their detractors spinning with jealousy and others sneering at the popular venue...


It had resulted in Adam coming up to Kurt, grabbing him around the waist and twirling him around like a Disney princess. He stopped just short of a wind-swept kiss, but the both of them had gotten caught in one another’s gaze, feeling the joy and the tension rising within them. 


Those first few days on the boat had been made of newness and flushed cheeks. Kurt had never been on a boat before. He’d only seen the ocean a few times, hailing as he did from the landlocked Midwestern paradise of Lima. So he’d been afraid that he might spend the whole trip miserable and puking. He’d found that he really hated flying. The boat was different though. Their days were spent laughing together in the bright sun, and their nights were filled with the rush of performance.


Only now... the ship was sinking. Seven performances in, and there had been some kind of explosion in the engine room. It had shaken the entire ballroom and caused panic and screaming as people ducked under tables and ran for the doors. Then the deck had begun to tilt, and the panic increased tenfold.


Kurt scrambled to grab one of the tables that was bolted to the floor, but lost his grip as he saw a child sliding past. Instinctively, his arms swept around her and he went sliding towards the end of the deck as she squalled in terror. 


“Kurt!” Adam bellowed. He was still at the front of the room with the others. Kurt could hear him calling, and Joey and Dale screamed for him to stay put. Kurt caught a glimpse of the Apples’ arms holding him still, keeping him from darting forward... but Kurt was a little busy to think about what anyone else was doing. He grabbed for another table and caught them before sliding any further. 


“Can you hold on?” he asked the girl. “Grab the table, honey, okay? We need to get you outta here!”


She just let out a fresh wail. Too young. She was too young to understand what was happening. He held her tightly and pulled the both of the to the opposite side of the table so they weren’t sliding so much, then looked around. Crew members were herding people out of the ballroom and presumably to life boats. Kurt struggled to hold onto the girl and wave at the same time.


“Hey! Hey, I have a little kid here! Someone come get her!”


“Oh my God!” a woman cried. “Amy! Oh, God, please! Someone help her!”


Two crewmen prevented her from tumbling down the deck to get to her daughter, and Kurt held her fast.


He saw a large man holding onto a rope coming down slowly. The deck had already tilted dramatically, and just walking down was not a possibility. As he moved, Kurt realized that this rescue was going too slowly. He could hear water coming up in the rooms behind them, and glass bursting. Determinedly, he ordered the girl to hold onto him (though she was already clinging for all she was worth), and pressed his palms to the too-slick floor. He slid backwards a few times, but eventually met the crewman halfway.


Just as the man reached for little Amy, the deck shifted again. He caught the girl. Kurt went tumbling back across the floor like a discarded rag doll, felt his head crack against a table, and then slammed against the wall. His fall was only buffered by the splash of water around him, and he went still as the room went dark. 


The next sounds he could hear were screams and another explosion. He coughed and choked and moved his hands to his side. There was something pinching him and his hands pushed through the water, trying to brush the irritate away, but it was stuck.


Kurt blinked and looked around him. Water entered his mouth again, and he choked once more before he realized that the water was overwhelming him. He moved his legs and arms, and then the pinch at his side screamed. He looked down at the cloudy dark water.


Blood. There was blood. Coming out of him. A sheet of metal had pierced his side. Blood was dripping down his face from his head, and he didn’t know if he had the strength to tread water until the crewmen came back for him. He looked down at the metal, trying to figure out what it had come from, but it didn’t matter. If he pulled it out, it would bleed more. If he didn’t, he might do more damage to his insides by having to thrash around with a sharp object lodged in his insides.


He jerked it out, let out a cry, and forced himself to swim towards a wall. There he closed his eyes for a moment and coughed hard to evict the water that had snuck into his lungs.


“If Kate Winslet can do it, I can do it,” Kurt said to himself.


His fingers grasped desperately at the wall, trying to pull himself up, but his arms were now like noodles, and his head wouldn’t stop spinning. Nausea washed over him and he pressed his face against the paneling.


He was going to die here. He’d finally made it to New York, had a good job, and prospects at a well-renowned arts school where he was critiqued and encouraged by the faculty, and amazingly supportive friends, and his father’s cancer had gone into remission... and he was going to die. He closed his eyes, sort of hoping that his father wasn’t the one who had to ID his body. Carole could do it.


Then it was then that he noticed the window getting closer. With the water rising, as cold as it was, it was lifting him up and up... as long as he kept afloat. The last thing he remembered was pushing that window open, crawling through, and looking out over the endless ocean.


Then his slick hands lost their grip, and he fell into the sea.




The sound of waves and the warmth on his body made Kurt smile a little. This trip had been nice, getting to have his privacy for once, and being awakened not by the sounds of dolphin yodeling, but by the feel of another person in his bed. He reached behind him to remind himself. Was he in his room, or in the room of the Smith, the performer from another group who he’d spent a few nights with? It was fuzzy in his head...


But his hand didn’t reach warm skin. He could barely move it, actually. He lifted his head slightly, then began to panic.


His skull felt like it weighed a thousand pounds. And he was outside. In a small boat, bobbing along on the waves. His vision was blurry, and his head was splitting. When he started to rise, he found he couldn’t even begin to try.


“Kurt, no. Stay still!” Adam said suddenly.


Kurt laid his head back down and then saw Adam’s worried face hovering over him.


“Oh, God. Thank God you woke up.” His large hand caressed the side of Kurt’s face.


Kurt blinked at his shirtless friend. Something tingled inside him, but his brain wasn’t cooperating well enough to connect to the rest of him what was so exciting. “You’ll get a sunburn,” he murmured instead. He sounded a little drunk, and frowned at his own words.


Adam tilted his head to the side for a moment then moved his hand down Kurt’s chest. “You hit your head,” he said slowly, “and... and you were bleeding. Stay still, okay? You must’ve lost a lot of blood before you got out of there. They stopped sending crew back, and they wouldn’t let us...”


His eyes were overbrimming with tears. Kurt took Adam’s hand, and pressed it to his dry lips. The gesture seemed to calm him somewhat.


“I made it... though,” Kurt murmured. “You have somethin’ to do with that?”


“You fell out of the window! I-I went to go get you. I thought for sure you were going to drown.” He forced a wobbly smile. “B-but you didn’t.”


“You came to get me?”


“You saved that girl. You saved her life. They wouldn’t have been able to get her if she’d fallen all the way down that deck.” Adam leaned in and pressed his lips very gently to Kurt’s forehead. Then he looked at Kurt’s face, almost as though he was surprised. “You idiot.”


“Hey.” Kurt’s protests were merely a quarter-hearted. “You came to get me?” He realized half a second later that he’d already asked that.


“I jumped out of our life raft and swam to you. I honestly don’t know how I made it far enough in time, before you- youdrowned.”  A tear trickled down his cheek. “That was yesterday. I swam back around with you to the abandoned boats... I think they got most everyone in the rafts, but I don’t know... Then there was a storm. We’re a little lost, now.”


Kurt nodded and closed his eyes. Adam shook his shoulders, and Kurt opened his eyes again to see bald panic on Adam’s face.


“Don’t leave,” he begged.


“I won’t,” Kurt promised.


He continued to stare up at Adam for a long time. It took him a long stretch before he realized what had been different... Adam’s shirt was gone. And it was wrapped around the wound in his side, and around the crown of his head.


“I liked that shirt,” Kurt said, almost to himself.


Adam, whose slick, well-cut muscles moved fluidly as he paddled them forward, looked back and grinned lopsidedly. “You’re worth it.”




When Kurt regained some of his senses, he found that after Adam had plucked him from the briny depths, he’d been out for the better part of the evening, and slept straight on through a storm ‘til morning. Bless Adam for keeping his wits about him. He periodically pressed water to Kurt’s lips, and Kurt dutifully drank a few sips.


Adam wouldn’t let Kurt sit up at first, so he tried to row the boat by himself, although that seemed to be taking an awfully long time, and neither knew where they were. Kurt tried to stay awake, and found his eyes drawn to the muscles working in Adam’s back.


That night, Kurt stared up at the stars and felt his heart speeding up in his chest. Sweat slicked over his forehead, and Adam curled up beside him and smoothed something cool over his side. 


“Ish hot out here,” he murmured.


Adam kissed his cheek and combed his fingers through his hair. “I know you feel hot. But don’t kick off the blanket, okay? It’s chilly out tonight.”


Kurt reached up and cupped the back of Adam’s neck, rubbing his fingers gently against Adam’s dirty hair. 


“We’re okay,” Kurt whispered.


Adam leaned in closer, and Kurt kissed his forehead. That was when he noticed how cool Adam’s skin felt. He closed his eyes and pressed their cheeks together. It wasn’t the air, Kurt realized. It was him.


“I will be okay. Promise.”


“I’m going to hold you to that,” Adam replied, trying ineffectually to joke.


Too soon the water ran out, and they were licking their lips, thirst crowding their brains even more than hunger. Kurt wondered if the Coast Guard had sent anyone for the people in the life rafts. He wondered if his family knew what had happened yet.


It was another day before Adam let out a strangled noise and started paddling faster. Kurt pushed himself up a few inches. There was an island. With vegetation. That meant water.


Kurt took the other oar and began paddling alongside Adam. 


“No! Sweetheart, you shouldn’t move!”


“Just...” Kurt bowed over for a moment, panting, then began again. “Just help me. We... If a storm comes again...”


Adam moved over to Kurt and touched his shoulder. “You... are a control freak.”


“Am... not...” Kurt leaned into him. 


“If it hurts, stop,” Adam urged.


“I will. Land. Find some water.”


Adam rubbed his back. Together they paddled the boat, moving slowly towards safety.



Kurt had worn himself out paddling, so he lay limply in the boat as it neared the shore. Adam leapt out into the water and grabbed the lip of the boat, pulling with all of his strength until they were aground. The sun bore down on his bare, slick shoulders.


He went around to the side of the boat to look down on Kurt. His face was ashy, his hair limp, and he was completely dead to the world. Enough time had passed that Adam was less worried about the head wound and more worried about Kurt’s fever. He’d tried to keep the wounds clean, and he’d rubbed antiseptic over the gash in Kurt’s stomach. But he couldn’t know how bad the infection was.


Adam scooped Kurt up into his arms, not wanting to leave him there vulnerable while he explored the island. He had terrible visions of the tide coming in and sweeping Kurt away from him. And he’d had more than enough of losing Kurt. Hopefully, someone would find them here.


With Kurt securely in his grasp, Adam headed up the beach, looking for some sign of habitation... but there was none that he could see immediately. He’d have to go deeper in. He lay Kurt in the sand, far out of the reach of the tide, and sat by him.


“You need to wake up now, darling. I need to go find us shelter...”


Adam’s heart tugged as Kurt let out a soft groan in his sleep. 


“You need to wake up.” He pressed his hand to Kurt’s forehead. “It’s funny. How you were so concerned that you wouldn’t have time to give me what I needed. And how thought... we’d have so much more time...”


His voice broke, and he bowed his head.


“I can’t.” The frown in Kurt’s brow deepened as he seemed to realize something.


“I... Oh.” Adam released Kurt’s hand and pulled back a little.


“I mean I-I have a dance tutoring lesson in like,” Kurt looked at the clock on the wall and rattled off rapidly, ”now.  And then I have acting class, and then I have to go to work. Not Vogue work, waiting tables work. And then I have to get home and take an Ambien because I have to be up ridiculously early for work. Vogue work, not waiting work. Because I’ve been so busy with everything, I have to get in before anyone else on days I can be there-”


Kurt interrupted his rush of words to run his hands through his hair. “I can’t.”


“Oh. Well. We don’t have to do it right now,” Adam said. His smile returned, and warmth filled his chest at the sight of Kurt rambling and going on about his schedule.


“I just... I want to. I really do, Adam. You’re the most wonderful, and attractive, guy who has ever been interested in me, but I’m just so busy.”


Adam’s frown returned. “Well, we’re all busy. It’s not a crime to be busy.”


“I know, I...” Kurt shook his head. “I just- I wasn’t able to keep my last relationship going because I was too busy, and then I was only working two jobs. Not working two jobs and going to school full time, and being in extra curriculars.”


Adam stared for a moment. He couldn’t fathom what was happening.


“If you don’t want to be more than friends-” Adam began.


“I do. I do like you, I’m just... I just don’t think I have anything to give you.”


Adam put his hands on his hips and tilted his head to the side. “You’ve given me plenty, Kurt. Even in these days of coffee dates and not-dating, even if we stayed just friends, you give me so much. I know you’re busy, but there’s no reason to feel guilty-”


“My last relationship fell apart. I can’t live through that again, and I can’t put you through it. With school and work and my dad sick-- I haven’t told you about that yet, sorry-- I’m not sure I can even focus on... And I thought I was over Blaine, I mean that’s why I thought I could be near him at the wedding, but obviously I’m not...”


Kurt bowed his head over and covered his face partially with his hand. Adam watched him with wide, vulnerable eyes for a moment as his heart broke. Then he took Kurt’s other hand and tugged gently. Kurt came forward and let Adam put his arms around him.


“Your break-up wasn’t your fault. But if you’re not ready, you’re not ready. I don’t mean to push. You’ve seen those sappy movies. Sometimes the timing is just bad.”


“I’m sorry. I don’t wanna be the jerk leading you on.”


“I think you’ve been very honest.” Adam rubbed his back slowly. He wondered if Kurt would talk to him sometime about his father. “But you’re wrong.”


Kurt lifted his head a little.


“Your last relationship fell apart because he cheated. End of. He cheated, Kurt. And I think if you’d fought for any other reason, if he’d done anything else to you, you’d be back together by now. But even after making this decision, it still hurtsbecause you built your future dreams with him in them, and now everything seems...” Adam faltered for a moment.


“Like there’s no more romance in the world. Like none of it is real.” Now a few tears trickled down Kurt’s reddened cheeks. “Like all the romance and happy endings are just made up to keep tricking smart women into getting married and propagating the species.”


Adam pressed his lips together, trying not to laugh.


“Maybe that’s a little dramatic,” Kurt muttered, shaking his head at himself. “I don’t think I could go look for a romantic movie with you even if my schedule wasn’t completely insane.”


“Yeah. I see that.” Adam moved his hand to wipe away Kurt’s tears, and Kurt looked up at him. He was still so wounded.


If they’d met just a year later. Or if Adam had been his friend before the breakup and someone he’d trusted already. 


But he was a new person in Kurt’s life after Kurt’s ability to trust had been gutted.


“Meeting ran long. We might just have to go over the basics-” Cassandra began as she came into the dance studio.


Kurt turned around, and her brows raised.


“Are you the ex?” she asked, hand on her hip.


Kurt blinked in surprise. Adam raised a brow. She’d never liked him in class much, and he suspected it was because he tended to smile when she was yelling at him.


“No. I’m just his friend.” Adam gave Kurt a squeeze, then another back rub. “How about... I get you some water, and let you get on with your insanely, fabulously busy schedule... and I’ll see you at the Apples, and we can talk about when our insanely, fabulously busy schedules might enable us to meet again for coffees or a movie- a comedy!” 


Kurt sucked in his lower lip, then took a deep breath and nodded. Cassandra shot him an impatient look and pointed to the bar as a signal to Kurt to get working. Adam smiled at them both, then headed out of the room, hearing Cassandra’s voice as he went in search of cold water.


“Don’t get too distracted, Twinkle Toes. I teach that to little Midwestern hopefuls every year, but they never listen. Now. Pliés first, then show me the turns.”


Adam could feel the sun baking his uncovered shoulders. He looked around, and saw nothing. He wished he’d familiarized himself with the map before they’d set out. That way he might have some idea of how long it would be before someone came looking out this way. Kurt needed a doctor. Antibiotics.


His thumb had been unconsciously stroking Kurt’s forehead, and then his head turned slightly toward Adam.


“You,” he whispered as he memorized every line of Kurt’s face. He was pale as milk, aside from two red flushed spots on his cheeks. Even like this, he was a beautiful man.


“It’s a pity you don’t know how beautiful you are. How utterly, utterly beautiful. You’re the kind of bloke who would have inspired Shakespeare to scrawl him some pretty lines... and even then, he wouldn’t have known the depth of you. You gave your life for a child you didn’t even know... You did it without thinking. It wasn’t even a question. And though not everyone gets that consideration, you give so much of yourself, to all your loved ones.” Adam blinked back tears. “No wonder you feel incapable of giving any more. They’ve taken it all already. Some more than others, and then he treated it like garbage. And you feel empty... You’re fresh out.”


He closed his eyes for a moment, letting a few tears fall.


“But I love you so much, it doesn’t matter. Just being in my life, you brighten every single day. And I’ll take that, as long as we both live.”


A cold hand touched Adam’s face, and he looked down to see Kurt’s fever-bright eyes looking up at him. He couldn’t feel shame. This was hardly the moment for hiding. They might die of starvation, or dehydration, or sun exposure, if Kurt didn’t succumb to his wound.


Kurt’s lips moved without making a sound, and he shook his head and shivered. 


“What is it?” Adam asked. “What can I get you?”


“L-let’s... go see a movie,” Kurt managed.


Adam let out a soft, disbelieving laugh. “I dunno if there’s a theatre on this island.”


Kurt moved his hand down to Adam’s and squeezed weakly. Adam held it tightly in return. Kurt continued to look up at him with an unreadable expression. 


“I don’t want to leave you here helpless, but... I need to find us some kind of shelter.”


Kurt blinked slowly, then nodded. Adam bowed over and kissed his temple. Then, out of more of his own need than Kurt’s, he pulled Kurt to his chest and rubbed one hand over Kurt’s arm to warm him up.


“Sweet,” Kurt murmured.


“Hm?” Adam tucked his head over Kurt’s shoulder.


“Sweet. You are.”


“I’m perfectly salty.”


Kurt laughed softly. “What you said... I mean...”




“You make me sound like some kinda... superhero or something. I’m not that good.”


“You are. I know you are. I’ve seen it. Ask the mother of that girl you saved.”


Kurt pressed his forehead into Adam’s chest. “I’m sorry. That I’ve... I’ve put you through this... made you watch me... not be with you...”


“I gather since I don’t see any of these guys more than once they aren’t getting what I truly want, either.”


Kurt breathed softly. “No. They aren’t. Just... banging out... how I feel.”


It took a moment before Kurt sensed the pun in his words, and he let out a soft laugh.


Adam smiled sadly. “I knew the score. Don’t cry for me, Lima.”


Kurt lifted his head and raised a brow. Adam smiled down at him and petted his cheek. In truth, he was just happy that Kurt seemed to be gaining lucidity. His ability to form sentences had been spotty since he’d first woken up on the boat, and had degraded as the fever too hold of him.




Adam found them an abandoned fishing shack a bit of a ways into the trees, and that was good. It meant someone might come back here, and it meant they had supplies to catch fish. Granted, Adam hadn’t the faintest of how to do that.


That night, Kurt’s fever worsened, and Adam fed him the water he’d collected, and held him tightly. Sweat soaked Kurt’s body, and he trembled in Adam’s arms. Adam clung to him, feeling Kurt’s heart pounding against his own chest.


When Adam woke, moonlight streamed into the shack, and the night air had gone cool. He shivered and closed his eyes stubbornly, moving to put his arms around Kurt once more. When his hand hit air, he opened his eyes and looked around. Kurt was gone.


Adam pushed the blanket back, launched himself onto his feet, and darted out of the shack, prepared to scour the entire island. Kurt was a sleepwalker. Adam just hadn’t thought Kurt had the strength to get up on his own, let alone wander off.


But he was only a few steps out of the shack when he saw Kurt leaning against the side, staring up at the moon.


“My God! Kurt, you scared the hell out of me!”


Kurt turned his head and smiled softly. Adam hurried over and put a hand to Kurt’s side, in case he stumbled.


“Hi.” Kurt took Adam’s hand and pressed it to his face. “I think my fever broke. What do you think?”


“How...?” Adam cupped the back of Kurt’s neck and trailed his fingers over his cheek with his other hand. “Oh, God. You arecooler. Bless. Oh...”


“I’m a survivor,” Kurt said. 


Adam laughed as he pulled Kurt closer and kissed his cheek.


“I’m not gon’ give up,” Kurt added in a serious tone. “I’m not gon’ stop. I’m gon’ work harder. I’m a survivor. Keep on survivin’.”


Adam laughed harder and curled his face into Kurt’s shoulder. “I was so afraid.”


“I know. I know, sweetie.


Kurt ran his fingers through Adam’s hair, and Adam breathed shakily. God, the thought of losing Kurt. He couldn’t do it. Even with Kurt not giving his all romantically, being near him transformed Adam’s life.


Kurt’s fingers trailed along Adam’s jawline, and Adam looked up at him. They were so bedraggled, unwashed, just busted all around. For two men who spent a lot of time on their appearance, Adam figured they must look hilarious.


He watched Kurt licking his lower lip, and then time slowed down. Kurt brushed his lips against Adam’s once, unhurriedly, then pressed their lips together again, his hand moving through the back of Adam’s hair, his nails scratching gently. Adam froze for a moment. Kurt’s lips were on his, pressing hard and pulling away after each kiss with a little suck. Nothing like the tentative, sweet, nearly platonic kisses they’d shared over coffee. These were dominant, and sensual. Adam melted under the intensity of Kurt’s demanding lips.


His brain woke up finally, and he pulled back and looked into Kurt’s eyes.


“Sweetie, you’re- you’re probably still a little loopy, okay? You’re concussed. You’ve been sick, and hurt, and-”


Kurt kissed him again and pressed his palm to the side of his face. “I’m not delirious. And you say have have self-esteem problems.”


“I just can’t take advantage of you.”


Kurt cooked his arms around Adam’s neck and rubbed their noses together. “I know. You never would. You’d never push me. You’d never manipulate me into doing what you want. I, uh, wanted to ask you if you wanted to go catch that movie together... when we get back to a place that has movies.”


“You did ask me,” Adam said softly. He moved his hand down Kurt’s back.


“Oh?” Kurt wrinkled his nose. “Did you say no already? Did I wait too long?”

“No. That was yesterday. You’re still losing time.” Adam touched the shirt bandage on Kurt’s temple. “I didn’t realize you’d meant it.”


“Movie. You. Me. Popcorn. Possibly some kind of chocolate.”


Kurt started to slump downward, and Adam caught him and held him up firmly.


“After we get you to a hospital,” Adam said. He lifted Kurt up into his arms.


“You’re such gentleman.” Kurt reached over and squeezed his biceps. “I have not give these enough credit.”


“Thank you. I admit to not feeling very sexy after not showering for practically a week.”


“At least you don’t smell like sea water and death.”


Adam kissed Kurt’s cheek. “I reckon we both do.”


“Just another way movies have lied to me.”


“I’ve honestly never seen a movie about two show choir directors getting shipwrecked from a cruiseliner and starting a gay romance,” Adam mused. 


“There should be. We clearly need to write a musical about this.”




The skies above started to crackle, and moments later, as they were curled up under a blanket together in the shack, the sound of rain pounded above their heads.




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