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Title: So Easy to Love

Pair: Kadam

Summary: The Adam’s Apples are performing on a cruise liner when an explosion in the engines causes it to go down. Adam and Kurt escape on their own and try to survive until help can come.

AN: After “Boys (And Girls) On Film,” Kurt and Adam did NOT get together. So AU from there.

This isn’t actually a duet, but they’re singing it as one.

You’d Be So Easy to Love/I Get a Kick Out of You

Part Two


“I’m trying to think of a jaunty tune for the fishing portion of our musical.” Kurt raked his eyes up and down Adam’s body. With his shirt destroyed to create a tourniquet and a bandage for Kurt’s head, Adam had been shirtless since before they’d found the island. Sadly, Kurt had only been able to appreciate this fact for a few hours.

“Come around and you’ll hear a tale,” Adam sang suddenly in a comically deep voice, “A tale of songs and things! Our tale begins ashore at a New York school where all the the students sings!”


“Hm.” Kurt bit his lower lip. “That’s beautiful.”


Adam turned slightly, not letting go of his fishing pole. “I might need to get some notes on the lyrics.”


“No. Not at all. I think the lyrics are absolutely perfect.” Kurt curled his arm over his stomach. Miraculous recovery from his fever notwithstanding, their activities the night before had been limited to cuddling, since Kurt still had a hole in his side that probably needed stitches, and could still end up giving him gangrene if not properly taken care of. 


So he sat dutifully still, where Adam could see him, and tried to figure out how to put a fire together.


“Oy. So says the Yank who wrote the Royal Family’s musical version of That’s My Bush,” Adam teased. “With a reality tv lampooning on top.”


“I can’t believe I showed that to you.”


“I can’t believe your previous show choir didn’t want to have a go at. It’s bloody hilarious.”


Kurt shrugged and dipped his head. “I think it would have them laughing for all the wrong reasons.”


“Fools!” Adam declared in his most ‘British Villain’ voice.


“Hm. Yes.” Kurt sighed and blew on the sticks. “This works in movies.”


“So does this.” Adam shrugged. He bent over and spent a minute pushing the rod into the sand.


Kurt kept his eyes on Adam’s firm, muscular backside, and didn’t turn his head or lower his brow his eyebrow even when Adam turned around.


“Are you taking a gander at my arse?”


“You can’t blame me. I’m sick,” Kurt teased.


“Blame wasn’t the first thing to cross my mind.” Adam strolled over and sat by Kurt and the failed fire. He took the sticks in his hands and started rubbing the skinny one between his hands, pressing the tip into the second piece of wood. “Too wet,” he determined after a few minutes of trying. “I thought as much, but no reason not to give it a go.”


Kurt pushed his hair back and looked over at the fishing rod sticking out of the sand. “What do we do?”


“I wasn’t exactly a boy scout. But we need to get food, somehow. Maybe it’ll dry if we leave it out?”


“And it doesn’t rain again.” Kurt started to push himself up, and Adam held up a hand.


“Honey, you tried your hand at the fire. Let me try with the fishes.”


Adam looked dubious, but he took Kurt’s hand, helped him to his feet, and stayed close as Kurt went to try his hand at fishing. The rod, he noticed as he took it in his hand, was simple, and very old. The lines were probably a disgrace. 


“What did you use for a lure?” Kurt reeled the line back.


“Some of the little feathery bits in the shack.”


Kurt nodded. He stretched his arms over his head and winced. “Okay, I’m gonna need you to cast the line for me. Throw it out really far? We’ll try with the flies, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll need some live bait.”


“As in... worms.” Adam’s smile was dubious.


“As in... yuck. But fish will go for that sooner. It’s actual food.”


Kurt mimicked the motion Adam needed to cast the line properly, and after a few duds, he managed to throw it out there. Kurt sat in the sand beside him. Adam touched the top of his head tenderly. 


“It’ll take some time,” Kurt said. “Just as well, I guess. No fire to fry up the fish.”


“For that, we’d need some dry wood.”


Kurt blinked sleepily. Unfair, that he was on this deserted island alone with a man who sexiness was so casual and raw, and Kurt’s body just wanted to sleep all the time. 


“Did we check the shack thoroughly?” he asked. “There might be some firestarters in there. Wet wood won’t burn well, but we can dry some of the other wood in the shack, and then near the fire. It’s worth a try. Better than freezing our pliés off.”


Adam chuckled and petted over Kurt’s hair. Then he caressed the side of Kurt’s neck, and Kurt rested his head against Adam’s leg.


“Aren’t you the little survivalist. Did you go fishing as a boy?”


“A couple of times, with my dad, and my uncle. It was a long time ago, though.”


“Honestly, Kurt, sometimes you talk like you’re forty years old.”


“Sometimes... I feel old.”


“What will you do with yourself when you finally make it to old age? Start clubbing, doing the irresponsible things your friends did in their twenties?”


“That sounds like a good idea to me.” Kurt reached up and threaded his fingers through Adam’s. He stared out at the sea, which seemed calm and still today. It went on forever in every direction. “A reward for all my grandma like behavior.”


After what had seemed like a long time, Adam breathed, “I think my heart will break if I ask... You weren’t really... You remember last night, don’t you?”


Kurt jerked his head up and looked up at Adam, who kept his eyes fixed on the sea. Kurt squeezed his hand firmly.


“I remember. Honey. I remember.”


“It just seemed... very sudden to me.”


“It wasn’t so sudden for me,” Kurt replied. “I’ve been thinking this over since we met. I’m just, slow. Working through things.”


“I understood that you were under so much stress...” Adam’s fingers trailed down Kurt’s neck. “It wasn’t fair to push you...”


“I’m not sure it was fair to make you wait so long.”


“Yes. Half a semester. That’s just dreadful behavior.”


Kurt lifted his head into Adam’s scratching fingers.


“I’m sure you hate to hear-” Adam sang, his smooth voice filling the open ocean air. “-how I adore you, dear. But grant me just the same, I’m not entirely to blaaame...”


Kurt chuckled softly, holding his side. “What’s that from?”


Adam’s eyes bulged and his mouth went agape.


Anything Goes! It’s a musical, with sailors! I am just scandalized you don’t know it!”

“I’ve heard of it, and I know some of the top songs, but it’s not like Ohio offers you the chance to see every musical there is.”


“You’d be-” Adam began singing again, “so easy to love. So easy to idolize, all others above!”


He circled his arm around Kurt’s shoulders and swayed them back and forth. “So sweet to waken with! So nice to sit down to eggs and fakon with!”


Kurt chuckled and looked into Adam’s eyes. He’d never imagined he’d get a serenade on a desert island.


“Weeee’d be so grand at the game,” Adam continued, letting his voice go deeper and richer.


“Oh, would we?” Kurt teased.


“So carefree together that it does seem a shaaaaaaaaame.” He shoved the pole into the sand again and gave Kurt a lift up. “That you can’t see,” he almost whispered, slowing the tempo, “a future with meeeee...”


“Oh, Adam,” Kurt murmured and caressed the side of his face.


“‘Cause you’re so damn easy to loooove.” Adam kissed Kurt’s nose gently.


Kurt rubbed his hand up and down Adam’s back, then smiled wickedly. He didn’t know if he had the strength, but...


“My story is much to sad to be toooold,” Kurt sang, letting his voice resonate clear and bright. Then he said through the side of his mouth, “And who’d wanna hear that anyway!”


“Ha ha! Kurt, of course, I do...”


“But these days practically everything leaves me totally cold.” Kurt traced his finger down Adam’s nose and then bobbed the tip. “The only exception I know is the casssse-- When I'm out on a quiet spree, fighting vainly that old ennuuuui and I suddenly turn and see:  Your. Fabulous. Faaace.”


Adam bowed his head and nuzzled Kurt’s nose. “You’d! Be!” he sang.


“I get no kick from champaaagne!”


“So easy to love...”


“Mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all!”


“So easy to idolize...”


“So tell me why it should be truuue?”

“All others above...”


“That I get a kick outta yooou?” Kurt poked Adam’s chest, causing another laugh.


He held Kurt up firmly as he twirled them around, adding “Some get a kick from cocaaaiiine?”


“I’m sure that if I took even one little sniff,” Kurt answered. “That it would bore me terrifically toooo....”


“Yet I get a kick outta you,” they sang together.


Kurt draped his arms around Adam’s neck and leaned on him so he could deliver this properly and increase the power of his voice, even if he was starting to feel weak. “I get a kick ev’rytime I see you standing there before me! I get a kick though it’s clear to me... You obviously don’tadore me...”


His lips curved to the side.


Adam shot back, “You are so easy to love! So easy to idolize, all others above!”


“So worth yearning for,” Kurt sang.


“So swell to keep every home fire burning for.”


“Ohhhhh, how we’d bloom, how we’d thrive!”


Adam grinned. “In a brownstone for two, or even three-” He leaned in. “-four! Or Fiiiiive!”


“So try to see, your future with me,” Kurt sang more softly.


“Cause you’re so easy, oh, so easy,” they harmonized together, “to loooooove.”


Kurt stared up at him, his face feeling hot enough to cook their dinners for them. He let out a shuddery breath and pressed his face into Adam’s bare shoulder.


“Adam, I...” His voice cracked, and he went a little limp.


“I heard.” Adam pressed his cheek against the back of Kurt’s head, then lifted him up in his arms again.


“I do appreciate the romantic aspect of this, but I’m not sure how I feel about being a fainting damsel,” Kurt murmured.


“Damsels don’t risk their lives for strange children and teach the dashing male lead how to survive,” Adam shot back. 


“In Disney they do,” Kurt argued.


“Hm. Then Disney has improved.” Adam stepped back onto the trail that took them to the shack. It was at least cooler in there, out of the sun. “How do you feel?”


“A little dizzy. Probably... the singing...”


“Or the starving.” Adam laid him down on the small cot they shared and cupped his cheek. “You’re a little flushed, too. Mind if I...?”


Adam motioned to his wound. Kurt nodded and let him untie the shirt. 


“It’s a little red still.” Adam reached over to the first aid kit he’d found in the shack and patted antiseptic over his skin. 


Kurt winced, but gave him a stiff smile. “Maybe a new bandage.”


“Trying to get my pants off, are you?”


“Or you could use my shirt. Or we could use some leaves.”


“The last thing we need is for me to give you poison oak.”


“Do there look to be any oak trees on this island resort?”


Adam didn’t answer. He just leaned over and kissed Kurt’s forehead. 


“It took me longer,” Kurt said, watching the seriousness in Adam’s eyes. He just needed to chase any uncertainty out of his mind. “Because I have so much baggage. I didn’t want to hurt you, or push this when I wasn’t able to give you-”


Adam petted both sides of Kurt’s face. “Sweetheart, I know. I know.”


Kurt put his hands over Adam’s, the slid his hands down Adam’s wrists. “It just scares me a little. And I think of how easy it would be, how easy it has been with you. You make me feel good. You support me. And I just feel like... I don’t deserve it.”




“I think if you’d been less wonderful, it would have been less alarming to get into a relationship with you.” Kurt closed his eyes. Why was he bringing this up?


“I have my flaws, too, you know.”


“Doesn’t matter. Just... if... I want you to have...” Kurt closed his eyes for a moment, took in a deep breath, and tried again. “Have someone whole. I’m not done ye...”




Adam sat in the sand, looking at his hands and listening to the waves, and remembering the feel of Kurt’s lips against his, and of his lips against Kurt’s warm forehead.


He hadn’t expected the night before. And he hadn’t expected today. He wondered if he’d go on being surprised like this for the rest of his life, forever astonished that Kurt had decided to risk this.


Maybe it was a dream. Maybe he had heatstroke. Maybe Kurt had decided, since he might be dying anyway and they were going to starve or dehydrate here, that it was worth a go.


But the way Kurt had looked at him, with his ridiculously huge, gorgeous eyes as they’d sung together... Kurt was a fine actor. Adam knew that. He’d visited Kurt’s acting class with a few of the other seniors. But this was real.


Wasn’t it?


He stood to check the line, but nothing had bitten yet. Remembering what Kurt had said about live bait, he wondered where a good place would be to dig up worms. He grimaced and stood to look around.


All afternoon, his head was crowded with worries, but also stuffed with air. They hadn’t eaten since... Adam closed his eyes and counted the days. Not that they could cook anything if they could find food. It was getting overcast again already.


That was when the fishing rod jerked out of his hands.


He caught it with both hands. Staggering forward, he held onto that rod for dear life. Eventually he was able to pull it back and start reeling in the line.


Adam blinked in disbelief. It was a net that he was pulling up. He put down the rod and untangled the hook. A fishing net. He sighed heavily. The problem was, he’d need a much bigger boat than he had available (and about three other guys) to use that net. So he pulled it off to the side of the beach out of the way.


And he went back to work with the rod.


That evening, he returned to the shack, hoping that Kurt wouldn’t be too out of it. He was in luck. Kurt was not only awake, but sorting through the piles of rubbish in that shack and setting things to the side that might be of use.


“Hey, lovah,” Kurt teased as Adam walked in.


“Hullo. I uh... no fish, yet.”


“Hm. Well. We’ll come up with something.” Kurt leaned back against the cot and waved his hand over the items he’d found. “We might be able to start a fire, with this set here. And there’s a flare gun. If you ever see a plane out there.”


“Oh, that’s... fantastic.” Adam sat beside him. He looked down at the supplies. 


Kurt reached over and took his hand. “What?”




“Don’t do that. Don’t pretend nothing’s wrong. I can’t handle that kind of thing. Just tell me, okay?”


“It’s not that dire, darling. I’m just wishing I’d gotten us some food.” Adam leaned over onto Kurt’s shoulder. He smiled as Kurt’s hand petted over his head.


Dah-ling,” Kurt teased.


“Oh. That wasn’t intentional. Do you mind?”


“Not if you don’t mind a honey or a babe every once and a while. I’ve never really had a nickname of any kind. Except kiddo, from my dad. Or... well, homophobic slurs.”


“Those don’t count.”




Adam smiled and stroked Kurt’s hand with his thumb. “Dah-ling.”


Kurt chuckled.




Kurt dipped his head. His ears started to go pink.




“Stop,” Kurt whispered.


“You don’t like that one?” Adam reached up and stroked his chin.


“No, it’s just... I’m not used to hearing that kind of thing.”


Adam snuggled into his side. “Well, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”


“I’ll tell you when I am. As long as you keep listening, we’ll be okay.” Kurt paused. “You, too, okay?”


“I can’t think of a single thing you might do that I would have a problem with.”


“Oh? Then bend over, boyfriend.”


Adam laughed heartily. “You’re in no condition. And we have no condoms. But otherwise, you’re welcome.”


“Maybe when I don’t have a hole in my guts.”


Adam rubbed a hand over Kurt’s thigh and then patted him. “Well. We’ve a bit of water left. No food. No fire. And a cot.”


“That leaves our options open, right?” Kurt’s lips twisted to the side.


And soon they were on Adam’s again.


I’ll tell you.


He really was quite forthright.




Adam woke once more to the sound of a loud ‘thwack!’ He reached over for Kurt, but finding him missing once again, he hopped up, pulled on his trousers, and hurried outside.


“Kurt! Kurt, are you out there?” he called.


“This way!” Kurt answered after a moment.


Adam hurried through the bushes and stopped, hearing another ‘THWACK!!’ It took him one more moment to catch up, and then... there Kurt was. 


Holding his side as he walked over to a tree, where a bird was pinned with a knife.


“Oh...” Adam stared on in disbelief. 


Kurt smiled at him and leaned against the tree. “I got us breakfast. If you’re a good mother plucker.”


Adam simply walked over to him, cupped his face, and kissed him eagerly. This man was so amazing, he could barely stand it.




Eventually, Kurt was well enough to help Adam take the boat out for fishing, and Kurt could trap some animals and forage for other supplies for their diet. Catching and boiling rain water kept them from keeling over from thirst. And so they made their days bearable in spite of everything.


And nights... nights they twined together like their lives depended on the shared touch. Their hands and mouths explored one another’s bodies. Kurt didn’t even mind that they were less than pristine, because what did that matter now? 


“Every line of you is grace,” Adam murmured, trailing his fingers along Kurt’s abdomen.


“Stop,” he replied quietly. 


“It’s true.” Adam peppered his collarbone with kisses. “It’s the truest thing that has ever been.”


“The sun has gone to your brain, and made you a blind poet,” Kurt teased. “How else could you look at this and say that?”


“No. Stop.” Adam rested his head on Kurt’s shoulder and stroked his cheekbone with his thumb. “Don’t speak badly of this man I love so much.”


Kurt blinked.


Adam’s brows shot up. “Oh. Oh, I’m sorry...”


“It’s okay. I’m just...” Kurt sucked in his lower lip, and cradled his arm around Adam’s back. “Believe me, just because I’m not there first, doesn’t mean I’ll love you any less.”


“I’m not asking for any more than you can give,” Adam assured him.


Somehow that gentle acceptance that Kurt couldn’t honestly just declare love only made him feel worse.


“It’s just that my faith in romance and love has-”


“Darling. I know. Don’t you think I understand? I understood the first time you turned me down.” Adam’s fingers twined through Kurt’s hair, which was starting to get long in the back. “When you said that romance and happy endings were made up as heterosexual propaganda, dear, I got what you were feeling.”


Kurt looked down into Adam’s eyes. He lifted his hand to trace Adam’s cheekbone, then his eyebrows, and then his nose. “I think I still believe that. But...even though all the romantic songs seemed ruined, and all my favorite movies just made me cry in a bad way... Being on this island with you. Just caring for each other.” He smiled. “Singing to each other... This feels like romance.”


“Does it,” Adam breathed.


“And I feel like I’m starting to believe in it.” Kurt closed his eyes and pressed his forehead into Adam’s. “It scares me, Adam.”


“I know.” Adam kissed his lips softly. His hand moved down the small of Kurt’s back. “It’s quiet fine to be scared.”


“I don’t know if I can live through having my heart broken like that again. I really don’t.”


Adam held him tightly. “That’s why we’re going slow. That’s why I waited, you know.”


“But... the last few weeks... almost drowning, burning up from that fever, starving, freezing...” 


Kurt opened his eyes and caressed Adam’s hair.


“I’m starting to reevaluate what I can survive.”


Their lips came together fiercely, and Kurt held Adam so tightly that his limbs ached.



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This is adorable, and very romantic! I hope there will be more.


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